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10 ways to practice self-care for female entrepreneurs


10 ways to practice self-care for female entrepreneurs

Self-care, in all of its various forms, can mean the difference between burning out and staying on top of your game! Don't know where to start? Let's talk about ways you can practice self-care as a female entrepreneur.

10 ways to practice self-care for female entrepreneurs


Being in business for yourself can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also take its toll on your mental and physical health if you’re not careful. Establishing your own business means that you’re working hard and long hours every day. And if you're just starting, it can feel like the responsibilities of running your company and taking care of yourself are in direct competition with each other.

Women have an inbuilt instinct of taking care of themselves and looking good, and failing to do so can be really frustrating. Taking care of your skin is the first step to self-love. And, incorporating a Vitamin C skin care product seems to be a step in the right direction!

But still, one of the biggest challenges female entrepreneurs face is learning how to stop thinking about work and finally take care of themselves. I know from my personal experience that being an entrepreneur can be extremely stressful. That said, you can bring a positive change in your life if you learn some self-care tips!

What is self-care & why is it important?

Self-care is one of those buzzwords that are getting thrown around a lot these days. Essentially, it means treating yourself in ways that make you feel good.

Feeling good is something female entrepreneurs need the most! While it's important to remain dedicated to your work, it doesn't mean you can't also take time to pamper yourself too. Self-care is essential, especially when you run your own business because it keeps you sane and happy. Moreover, it’s natural that when you feel good about yourself, it makes you go and accomplish amazing things on the professional level as well!

Female entrepreneurs, who have learned to take care of themselves, can take care of their business in a better way. So, please don't put off your self-care until it's too late!

10 ways to practice self-care for female entrepreneurs

Here’re 10 of my tried and tested tips on how to practice self-care as a female entrepreneur. Practicing these tips will not only maximize your productivity but also minimize stress in the long term.

Let’s go through them one by one!

1.     Set aside time to relax

The nature of being an entrepreneur means it can be easy to have a frenetic pace. However, when you're juggling multiple tasks and dealing with stressful situations, your body and mind require time to rejuvenate and unwind.

It's essential to take time away from work and relax. Otherwise, stress and anxiety will creep up on you. So make sure you set aside some time each day (even if it's just half an hour) to do something purely for pleasure.

Relaxation is an integral part of self-care because it allows you to engage in enjoyable activities that renew your energy. While time management is critical, so is building space into your schedule for some me-time.

Make sure you set aside at least 30 minutes per day (more if possible) wholly devoted to just you. Then, do what works best for you: read a book, take a bath or run on the beach!

2.     Prioritize sleep

Getting enough sleep isn't just something that will help you function better at work; it will also help your mental health. Unfortunately, it's very common for entrepreneurs to feel they can't stop working, and they end up sacrificing their physical and psychological well-being because of it.

Sleep deprivation is genuine, and staying awake late isn't going to make you more productive or efficient, no matter how much coffee you drink!

Creating a bedtime routine is one way to make sure you aren't staying up until 2 am working, as well as ways to shut off from work when it's time. It might be unrealistic to think about sleeping 8 hours per night, but aiming for seven helps ensure that you're getting enough rest throughout your week.

3.     Establish a daily skincare routine

As an entrepreneur, you may be too busy to put much thought into your skincare routine. However, when you can't take care of yourself, it affects every area of your life.

When it comes to building self-care habits in your life, maintaining an exercise or skincare routine isn't about making yourself beautiful—it's about keeping your physical and mental health in good shape.

Many entrepreneurs spend their days sitting in front of computer screens, then head home to work at night. Because these habits can exacerbate dull and pigmented skin, it's vital to use a Vitamin C serumpaired with Vitamin C sunscreen for a radiant complexion.

I can’t tell you how many fellow women entrepreneurs I’ve met over my career tell me they don't take care of their skin. My best advice, which I practice myself, is to get your hands on a good Vitamin C serum for your skin. Age spots and wrinkles don’t stand a chance against vitamin C skincare products!

So, invest in your skincare now— daily applying a nourishing Vitamin c serum to your face is a great way to show yourself some love. Remember: no matter how busy life gets, it's crucial to keep treating your skin—for your overall well-being. It will be so worth it!

4.     Reward yourself on achievements

It’s important to take time out to celebrate small wins because it keeps you motivated!

There are many perks to self-employment and also many risks, like working long hours with little or no extra compensation. So be sure to check in with yourself often and reward yourself when you hit important milestones—and don't rely on other people to reward you.

While it's good to have others cheer you on, only you can truly appreciate your accomplishments. So whether that means taking time off or picking up that new pair of shoes you wanted, you are allowed to pamper yourself!

And remember, you don’t need elaborate celebrations or expensive treats. It takes small efforts every day that lead to significant results in your overall self-care. So indulge in something that pleases you. You deserve it! Just keep in mind that overindulging can set you back when it comes to working towards your goals.

5.     Don’t do everything yourself – delegate tasks

It's very easy to feel like you should be doing everything yourself. After all, it is your company, and it feels good to know you can handle everything. But doing everything by yourself can be detrimental to your sanity. Sure, being a superwoman comes with bragging rights, but it also takes its toll on you over time.

It’s hard to take care of yourself when you’re working 24/7. If you're juggling too many things and trying to handle everything on your own, stop. Delegate tasks!

At some point, we all have to let go of control and trust our team members. Delegating tasks means more time for work you enjoy, which means more energy throughout your day. It also means better results from your projects overall.

Don’t be embarrassed to seek help for small tasks - if it can be done by someone else and won't affect your business adversely, pass it off and free up time for self-care.

And if delegating isn't an option, you should invest in at least one virtual assistant who's adept at handling your online tasks. It will save you time and help increase productivity because it frees up brain space so that you can focus on other important tasks.

10 ways to practice self-care for female entrepreneurs

6.     Eat well

Nutrition is an essential part of health and a pillar of self-care. While it's easy to become bogged down in work or social obligations, remember that food should be one of your top priorities.

To fuel your body properly, make sure you're consuming a healthy balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. And more importantly, eat on time!

If you’re constantly hungry, it's going to be hard to concentrate on your work. However, maintaining a healthy diet can make you feel better about yourself and reduce stress. To ensure that you stay on track with a healthy diet, make a list of good restaurants near you and pick a healthy option instead of a quick snack.

While eating junk food every once in a while won’t hurt, eating well will help keep your body and mind at their peak levels of functioning.

7.     I am doing my best!

It is a positive reminder for renewing your faith in yourself every day. Positive affirmations are a perfect way to practice self-care without spending any money.  All you need is a positive attitude, and you are all set!

As an entrepreneur, your worth comes from your belief in yourself. You can cultivate that by concentrating on your strengths and building trust in yourself. In addition, it will make it easier to take care of yourself when life gets tough. To achieve optimal productivity in your day, you need to physically and mentally care for yourself.

Affirmations are simple, easy steps you can take to remind yourself that you're worthy of self-care. Try writing down some positive affirmations on small pieces of paper, and place them around your house or office; if you tend to forget about self-care in your busy schedule, these reminders will be there waiting for you when you need them.

8.     Learn to say ‘No’ more often

Saying yes to everything is an easy way to burn out. It’s impossible to be truly productive and useful if you’re overcommitted or swamped with work. Furthermore, when you say yes to everyone and everything, it means you never get time to relax, which drains your mental energy and contributes to a negative perception of self-worth.

The first step toward effective self-care as an entrepreneur is learning how to say no. When someone asks you to do something, ask yourself if it’s worth your time and energy—and make a conscious effort to turn down requests that aren’t.

It can be incredibly hard to say no to things that we know we shouldn't do. But, that's why self-care is important: it allows us to put our own needs above those of others.

The next time you feel overwhelmed or have a lot on your plate, tell people no. You might even end up surprising yourself by how easy it was!

9.     Take time for a 10-minute workout daily

Exercise is more than just a way to get in shape; it’s an opportunity to unwind, relieve stress and boost your mood!

No matter how busy you are, there’s always time for a quick workout. Every day take 10 minutes to do some exercise that will benefit your body—even if it’s only walking around your block. A regular exercise routine may be one of your biggest keys to success as an entrepreneur!

Every busy entrepreneur needs a quick way to get in a workout. So if you're crunched for time, download a quick exercise app that allows you to do simple moves from anywhere—and get moving!

Whether it's yoga, pilates training, or dance cardio, getting your heart rate up can help you stay motivated and focused while taking a break from work.

10. Get some sunshine!

Many of us are guilty of working long hours in our offices—and, while our work ethic is admirable, too much time spent indoors can take a toll on our health.

Sunshine has been shown to improve overall mood, lift energy levels and help fight off depression. It’s also recommended that women get at least 15 minutes of sunlight per day to maintain healthy vitamin D levels—and female entrepreneurs are likely to spend even more time indoors.

So, stop working and step outside!

The added benefit? Going outside also exposes you to other positive changes, like more exercise opportunities, socializing with other people, and exposure to nature. Sunlight will help make you happier—and that’s always a good thing!

10 ways to practice self-care for female entrepreneurs


As an entrepreneur, you are the master of your destiny, but you are also in charge of your well-being!

If there is one consistent truth in entrepreneurship, it’s that you have to take care of yourself. You can work long hours, put everything on hold and deal with all kinds of pressure but if you don’t nurture your mind, body, and spirit, nothing else will matter.

So, I recommend you practice these tips and get started on a path of self-care!


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