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Positive Affirmations To Attract Abundance

Positive affirmations: A daily practice to attract abundance

Some people are told and believe if they sit and repeat positive affirmations they will immediately attract abundance in wealth and financial prosperity. Most of us have read the books, watched the movies, and attempted the steps provided. We use the ``I am wealthy”, “I am prosperous”, “I am fulfilled `` affirmations, only to find this isn’t as effective as we're being told. We wonder if we’re doing something wrong. Is there something more to it? The simple answer is yes, there is much more to positive affirmations and attracting abundance. 

Positive Affirmations To Attract Abundance


Full disclosure, I’m not here to promise you a step-by-step magical method to grant you the abundance you desire. Instead, I’m pleased to share with you an approach I have towards feeling abundant which in return attracts abundance. You’re welcome to try this and see if it works for you.

Start every day with gratitud

Every day starts with gratitude! Personally, I believe that daily gratitude is essential to our existence. Being grateful allows us to see how fortunate we already are. It opens our hearts and raises our energetic vibration.

I believe it opens a portal to opulence, which allows more to flow to us. I invite you to take a moment of pause every morning. Take this moment to reflect on what you already have in your life. Reflect and be grateful for your health, your family, your friends, perhaps your life partner, your pet, recent or past travels, the amazing people you met along the way, the daily nourishment of food, freshwater, shelter,… oh this list is infinite!

Focus on what you genuinely aspire towards

Now that we are aligned with our innate feeling of being fortunate, let’s focus on what you genuinely aspire towards. Not everyone has the same definition of abundance.

Social Media may try to dictate what wealth is with retouched posts of ‘influencers’ and ‘celebrities’ living “The Dream'' yet not everyone cares to have a private jet or a plethora of designer handbags and mansions. Ensure you tune into what genuinely brings you joy.

Positive Affirmations To Attract Abundance

Be creative and be limitless!

Close your eyes, be creative and be limitless to what abundance means to you. Envision every detail of what you want to actualize. How does it feel? Are you feeling fulfilled as you see yourself holding your first published book? Or, do you feel the warm and loving embrace of your future life partner? Are you thrilled about moving into your dream home?

Do you feel accomplished because you completed your studies? Are you feeling excited and confident entering that new endeavor? Feel the joy and all that goodness. Feel elevated, expansive, fulfilled, and excited. 

Communicate with your Higher Self

Positive affirmations are powerful and are magical to some. Personally, I gravitate more towards asking for guidance before expressing affirmation of any kind. How? You may ask. I communicate to my Higher Self when requesting abundance. I ask to be granted this if it’s in alignment with Mother Earth, God, and all of living beings' ' I feel this ignites and heightens the materialization of my desires while grounding me by being mindful of others. I truly feel this strengthens my ability to attract abundance. I invite you to do the same.

Continue with Positive affirmations

Once this connection to Self and my intentions are set I continue with Positive affirmations. My mantra is “I am so grateful for… I am so blessed for…” ending with an immense “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Ask yourself, why? & Take Action.

As I mentioned earlier, the law of attraction doesn’t end here. It’s important to ask yourself why? Why is this important to you? When you comprehend the why, you can start taking action towards it. Yes, take action! This is a crucial step towards attracting abundance.

Think about it this way, if all we do is close our eyes to visualize, feel and ask, there is no motion. Essentially, it’s stagnant energy. Action is movement. We can all agree that the Greats in sports, in music, in business didn’t just sit there asking and visualizing, waiting for their dreams to manifest. All of them were aware that they had to take the steps to get there. They took action to create their own legacy and made it happen. 

Make it a goal

There are various tools you can use to start the motions. One is by writing down incremental steps towards manifesting your goal towards abundance and acting on each step, it’s a great place to start. Or, reaching out to a mentor may be beneficial too.

Another great tool is S.M.A.R.T Goals: smart goals template. Whatever tool or guidance is utilized, ensure that you celebrate all the small accomplishments too. If you find yourself feeling challenged, that’s okay! Growth, shifts, and transitions must occur. The abundance you wish for needs the proper space to fit into your life. Some purging of habits and people may be necessary. It’s an uncomfortable blessing, so be open to it.

Positive Affirmations To Attract Abundance

Final thoughts

Perhaps the most important step for me is to share the loving feeling of abundance with others. For instance, when a friend mentioned they started an entrepreneurial business, I applied the same approach for them. I set loving intentions towards them. I visualize my friend feeling fulfilled and attracting an abundance of creativity, wealth, and prosperity.

When we take the time to apply this method of abundance to loved ones, neighbours, local business owners, or even strangers, the wealth and abundance spread like wildfire. Imagine all of our brothers and sisters on this planet living their dreams, accomplishing their goals, living abundantly and in alignment with Mother Earth and humanity? I do. My intentions here are for you to do the same. 


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