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The Best Men's All Natural, Organic And Aluminium Free Deodorant

JK Naturals is owned by Kathryn Holdforth, who has spent the last two decades studying, researching as well as working with plant oils, herbs and essential oils. She has carefully tested as well as handcrafted all of her JK Naturals products and one of her products which include the deodorant stick was a product that took her more than a year to fully develop. Here are her best natural deodorants for men.


The Natural Deodorant Stick

One of the fragrances suitable for men includes the Natural Deodorant "Cedar and Fir. Today the demand for purity in regards to skin-care products is at its highest ever. As the educated consumers start to take back control about what they put into their bodies and on their skin, they are starting to make far better choices on the products that they use.

JK Naturals Cedar and Fir natural deodorant is a very effective deodorant for men that contains non-toxic, clean, organic and natural ingredients. Each of the ingredients is chosen with care for its odor-eliminating and antimicrobial properties.


•This underarm organic and natural deodorant is suitable for women and men is handcrafted in California with only the best and finest ingredients

•Comes in a versatile and convenient 2.7 ounce stick that is ideal for gym, travel and home

•This product offers protection all-day from odors

•This product is free from aluminum compounds, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, parabens and synthetics like fragrance oils and artificial colorants


All Natural Ingredients

The certified organic ingredients include:

•Coconut Oil

•Pomegranate Seed oil

•The proprietary herb blend that includes Elderberry Fruit

•Arrowroot powder

The Plant waxes include:

•Candelilla Wax

•Carnauba Wax

Other natural ingredients include:

•Sal Seed Butter

•Kokum Seed Butter

•Sodium Bicarbonate

•Zinc Oxide

Natural Deodorant Cream: Clary Sage and Lemon

This is another of the JK Naturals range recommended for men. This product has been tested on people such as boot-campers, marathon runners, teenagers, moms and Zumba instructors and all these people have agreed that this product really does work. To use the cream all that is needed is to apply a very small amount to the fingertips and rub the product into the armpits. This area should be dry and clean before using the product.


The organic ingredients include:

•Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

•Organic Corn Starch

Other natural ingredients include:

•Sodium Bicarbonate

•Lemon Essential Oil

•Zinc Oxide

•Clary Sage Essential Oil

•Cypress Essential Oil

Due to the fact that no waxes are included in the cream deodorants, when the weather is warm or hot the product may turn to a liquid state. This has no effect on the actual integrity of these products. All that is needed is to open up the jar and give the product a stir and then put the jar can be into the freezer until it solidifies.


The Natural Deodorant Spray

This is another natural deodorant spray that is recommended for men which helps you to feel odor free and fresh. The directions to use this deodorant include 2-3 sprays under each armpit.


The organic ingredients include:

•Organic Sugar Cane

•Lemon Myrtle Leaf

•Red Thyme Leaf Oil

•Rosemary Leaf Oil

•Bergamot Peel Oil

•Organic Olive Leaf

•Lavender Flower Oil

The other natural ingredients include:

•Witch Hazel Water (alcohol-free)

All the JK Naturals products contain the highest quality in pure essential oils. All the deodorants are free from fragrances and artificial colors.

The JK Natural promise includes:

-That only quality and pure ingredients are used

- None of these products are ever tested on animals

-The products work naturally

Aluminum Free Deodorant For Men

On top of everything else that is holistic about these products is that they are also aluminum free

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