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Best Natural Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Looking for a natural deodorant that works and is aluminum-free? I was too and that's why I created my own. I started making non aluminum cream deodorant in 2010 when my 8 year old started smelling funky and clearly needed deodorant. It had to have the following criteria: clean, high quality natural and organic ingredients; contain no aluminum; be chemical-free and fragrance-free, with no synthetics of any kind and it had to be effective. After many trials and errors, I finally developed a formula that worked! I started selling them at local farmers' markets and the word began to spread that my natural deodorants actually work! As my customer base increased, I started receiving requests for a natural deodorant in a stick. I thought if I added wax to the natural cream deodorant it would work as a stick too. What I found out was that it was no longer effective just by adding plant waxes. So I got busy and spent an entire year formulating and after hundreds of different creations I finally developed what you see here today. All our deodorants we make are our very own proprietary formulas. They are the best natural and organic deodorants that don't contain aluminum or any other dirty ingredients you can find. And they work! We promise.