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About Us

From the very moment you learned you were going to be a mom, everything completely changed. Your life and all that you did in this world would now be because of this new wonderful being. In preparation of your baby’s arrival, you researched and read every article you could find on the best products for your baby. Swaddling correctly ensured a happy, well-rested baby. Organic cotton sheets and the safest car seats on the market suddenly became so important to you.

Whether or not you recorded every milestone, you thought surely, you could never forget these precious moments. Counting your baby’s age went from days to weeks to months and then toddlers years in a blink of an eye. Those initial days that seemed to last an eternity were suddenly slipping by so fast. Playdates and preschools soon became the new space you lived in followed swiftly by first day of Kindergarten and then the full days of first grade.  As one grade turned into the next, you never lost sight that your child was always your number one priority.

As your child grows and their body begins to change, your mission to always give them the best, has never wavered. It’s just as important today as it was then to find the best and cleanest products for your kids. Just like you, family means everything to us and we’ve dedicated our lives to creating truly clean personal care products of the highest quality just for you and your family. So from one mom to another, we welcome you to join our little but growing family, our community of moms just wanting the best for our families. After all, you’re like a sister to us xx