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Natural Sprays

Ingredients: Aqua (purified water), Hammamelis Virginiana (witch hazel) Water (alcohol free), proprietary blend of pure essential oils.

Buddha Meditating: Research has shown that meditation can contribute to an individual's psychological and physiological well-being.  Meditation brings the brainwave pattern into an alpha state, which is a level of consciousness that promotes the healing state.  Lemon cleans and freshens the air while frankincense encourages a meditative state, bringing balance and peace to individuals.

Directions: Shake vigorously and spray your meditating space before you begin your practice.   

Germ Away:  During the bubonic plague, four larcenous spice traders rubbed a blend of oils on their skin to prevent becoming ill as they robbed the dead. When they were arrested after a long stretch of healthy thieving, they were given especially light sentences in return for divulging their secret to health in the midst of the disease of the millennium.  These oils are known for their anti-septic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. 

Directions: Shake vigorously. Use before and after being in public places. We use this one on our own kids after school!

Hot Flash RescueProviding instant relief with a cooling and calming combination of pure essential oils.

Directions: Spritz on face, chest and back of neck when needed.

Lavender: Traditionally been used to help relax and relieve stress. It has also been known to take the sting out of burns, kill germs and it smells fabulous!

Directions: To freshen and sanitize, shake vigorously and spray a fine mist on face after traveling, on hands to clean, bedding, inside cars, planes, the list is endless! Also works great to clean baby bottoms during diaper changing.

Natural Bug: Tested on a large group of campers in the Redwoods of California.  The result: this bug spray really works!  Best part is, there’s no harsh chemicals to worry about and it smells great (but not to the mosquitoes!).  
Directions:  Spray a fine mist all over body (avoiding eyes), clothes and sleeping gear.  Repeat as needed.
Travel Buddy: Known for their germ-killing properties, thyme & eucalyptus are strong antifungal and antibacterial essential oils.  Lavender kills germs and helps reduce the spread of colds and viruses.  It has traditionally been used to help relax and relieve stress.  A perfect combination for travel.
Directions: Shake vigorously and spray a fine mist on your seat while using public transportation, on hotel bedding or anywhere you feel the need.


Yoga Mat:  Surrender completely into Child’s Pose as you breathe in the refreshing and uplifting scents of lemon and verbena.  Both are also known for their cleansing antiseptic properties so they will help to keep your yoga mat clean and fresh.  

Directions:  Shake vigorously and spray a fine mist on your yoga mat before and after use.

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