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Superfood Powder Blends Trio

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Our unique organic superfood blends are filled with antioxidant-rich, nutrient-dense deliciousness providing optimal health benefits during your challenge and beyond. Ideally suited for the detox part of the challenge.

Try this 7-day supply of the following three blends:

Organic Plant Protein Powder Blend keeps you feeling full longer.
Ingredients: pumpkin seed powder*, pea protein powder*, ground flaxseed powder*, hemp protein powder*, moringa leaf powder*, alfalfa powder*, spirulina*.

Organic Immune Booster Blend, a powerhouse blend rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C promotes healthy glowing skin and a strong immune system.
Ingredients: spirulina*, camu camu*, alfalfa*, wild macqui, wild blueberry, acai*.

Organic Hormone Balancing Powder Blend keeps mood swings to a minimum by keeping hormones in check and balanced.
Ingredients: baobab*, beetroot*, hibiscus*, red maca root*, amla*, wild blueberry, shatavari*.

*certified organic ingredient

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