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Natural Perfumes

Our natural perfumes help wearers deal with those moody days while smelling great! 

We all suffer from mood swings now and again… yet few of us know when to expect them, what brought them on or how to handle them. If these mood swings seem to occur every month in your cycle, you can probably attribute them to hormone imbalances. These wonderful-smelling natural perfumes can help bring you some relief to even your foulest mood.  

We combined the highest quality pure essential oils that are known to promote better moods, more energy and more focus into a perfume you’ll be proud to wear. None of the chemicals found in popular and really expensive brands.

Sense of smell is connected to the most primitive part of the brain, the limbic system. This is where feelings, moods, emotions and memories are processed. It is also connected to the hypothalamus, the other receptor of the brain for olfactory information, which helps restore physical equilibrium in the body and also regulates blood glucose and hormone levels as well as body temperature.

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