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Meet the Founder

Hi. I'm Kathryn, and I’m so grateful you’re here with me!

These big dreams started so simply.

It was just me in the beginning, playing with my botanical oils, mixing clay masks, and making lip balm.

Fast forward 25 years, to today loving life in my middle years.

At first, I can't say I loved approaching my middle years though. How could I? I was struggling to get out of bed in the morning. I mean, I didn't really see the point. I was having night sweats and felt completely exhausted during the day barely able to get through it and then wide awake for hours in the middle of the night.  I knew things had to change if I wanted to feel like I was actually living life and not just viewing it from the sidelines. 

And so, I did what I always do when faced with a problem: I began to research everything.  I had blood tests done. I changed my diet. I began meditation. I got outside in nature more. I took supplements because I discovered I was deficient in so many vitamins and minerals.  I could go on, but the point I'm trying to make is, that it wasn't just one thing that changed everything for me.  It was a holistic approach to self-care and more importantly, self-love that made all the difference for me. 

Since finding a way out of that madness, I knew I had to help other women through it too. I'm here to invite you on this journey to feeling better, and begin living a life of joy, naturally.  I'm on a quest to making solutions that help us both and if I can't make the products, I'll curate them so that you'll have access to everything you'll ever need, right here.  

Much love,

Kathryn xx

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