Meet the Founder

Kathryn Holdforth (aka the JK Naturals Founder) here, I’m so excited you’re a part of our family!

These big dreams started so simply.

It was just me in the beginning, playing with my botanical oils, mixing clay masks, and making bath salts.

Fast forward 15 years, to the day, one stinky little boy changed everything.

I began experimenting with creating deodorant for my son when he reached the infamous, smelly adolescence stage. 

I knew he needed something to make life tolerable for all of us, but the traditional deodorants on the market were packed with all sorts of chemicals.

I wouldn’t use those on myself, so I definitely didn’t want my son slathering it on his skin! 

When I started battling the stink of a pre-teen boy, all the natural deodorants just didn’t cut it.

I threw them all in the trash and came up with a better solution.

So I decided to create my own. It was just me, essential oils, and a whole lotta organic coconut oil.  

It wasn’t long before other people were asking me to make deodorant for their kiddos, and just like that JK Naturals took off. 

Over the years, I’ve added products like shaving soap, eye serums, and facial cleansers, but it all started with one goal: 

Creating an all-natural, where-have-you-been-all-my-life clean care line that actuallyworks

My Life Isn’t All Deodorant And Natural Care…

  • I LOVE a spa day. There’s nothing better than a good massage –– or, let’s face it, any kind of massage! I mean, who hasn’t paid their kids to rub their shoulders, right? ;)
  • I’ve been to 19 countries and counting! My husband and I pack up the kids and let them be citizens of the world with us. Portugal, Fiji and Machu Picchu are up next on my list. 
  • While I try to only put the best ingredients in and on my body, I’m helpless if you put a plate of french fries in front of me. (We all have our weaknesses, right?)
  • I’ve lived in California for almost two decades, but I’m actually Canadian. 
  • While my son was the initial inspiration for the JK Naturals teen line, my husband is still my number one fan and a willing guinea pig volunteer!

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