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Why should you use a natural deodorant?  Your skin is your largest organ and what you put on it goes directly to your bloodstream faster than if you were to ingest it. If all you ever put on your skin are products filled with synthetic ingredients that are potentially harmful to your health, then it will eventually take its toll on your body and your wellbeing.

What’s different about the TEEN Deodorants?  Our Teen Advisory Board told us our adult deodorants didn’t look “fun” or “cool”. So we listened. With their help we developed our new TEEN Deodorant line – they told us how it should look and smell. We just added the natural ingredients!

What makes JK Naturals products so good?  JK Naturals’ products are so good because they contain only good for you ingredients from Mother Nature.

How are JK Naturals’ products different?  Finding products that have 100% clean, quality ingredients is a challenge. It’s hard to TRUST products that claim to be “natural” and be sure they will work too.   JK Naturals checks all the boxes: clean, safe, quality ingredients that are highly effective and made always with integrity.

What do we mean by “natural” Ingredients?  Natural to us means whole plant ingredients, sourced directly from the plant. In other words, our ingredients come directly from Mother Nature.

Does JK Naturals test on animals?  None of our products are tested on animals. All our deodorants are vegan and no artificial ingredients or fragrances are ever used.

Who makes JK Naturals’ deodorants?  All out deodorants are handcrafted by our owner in Dublin, California. Her love and passion for everything natural is packed into every deodorant stick. 

What does JK stand for?  The J represents my husband Jerry and my oldest son Jake. The K is me, Kathryn.  Unfortunately I had the name trademarked before my second son Ryan was born; so I tell him he’s the “R” in “Registered”.